Physical illness

When we become physically ill, people often don’t know how to act around us. This can be a very lonely, and isolating experience. Our mood, self-esteem, the way we behave and feel also change. As well as this the way we see our bodies can change dramatically.


When ill, the first port of call is a medical doctor. In this clinical atmosphere, little, if any, attention is paid to the PERSON, (not the patient!) who’s going through this ordeal. This is a mistake as it has been proven time and time again that stress and worry have a negative impact on our health.


I offer individual sessions to people who need someone to talk about illness because a safe place to talk about any fears and frustrations can be a relief. Doctors, family and friends are often not the right people to confide in at this time.


As a qualified systemic therapist who has specialised in the area of physical illness and therapy (Medical Systemic Therapy), I also offer family sessions. Why? Because illness affects the entire family. This is an important point. Simultaneously, the entire family has a strong influence on the illness. Talking together about ways of coping makes it easier for everyone to live with illness, and/or to recover from illness.