When you move to a foreign country you don’t just leave behind your home-country, but also your social network. Absence of friends, family and a sense of familiarity can leave one feeling unsure, dependent, vulnerable.


It can take a while to rebuild a support system in your ‘new’ home. It usually takes longer then we expect to really feel ‘at home’ in a new country. In the interim some of the following feelings can arise: insecurity, uncertainty, over-dependence, lack of motivation, lack of direction, loneliness, frustration, anger, being misunderstood.


If these feelings become overwhelming, it can be a good idea to talk to someone. This can support your settling in and offer you the space to re-orientate yourself. Whether it's about re-setting career goals, exploring personal goals, or working on other unresolved issues, therapy can help you to discover a new sense of direction. If you are living with a partner then couples therapy can also be a worthwhile consideration.