Couples therapy

Relationships often get stuck in a trap where one believes-


‘If he tells me he loves me, THEN I’ll tell him I love him’ or,

‘If she does this for me, THEN I’ll do this for her’


-but then everyone’s waiting for the other to act, and feeling cut off in the meantime!


Families or relationships can get caught up in dysfunctional patterns which leave people feeling stuck, frustrated, angry, fearful, mistrustful and without hope.


My work is systems or family therapy based. This means that I focus on the RELATIONSHIP, not just the individual when exploring solutions to difficulties. This way everyone’s involved in finding a solution. The perspective of the ‘other’ is introduced.


This active approach gives everyone a deeper understanding of where the other person is coming from. This makes it possible to hear everybody’s side of the story, clear up misunderstandings, and create a new start together.